Anna Lee: Headcase
Character: Thea Hahn
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Andrew Davies
Produced by: Sue Birtwistle
Other cast: Imogen Stubbs, Alan Howard, Michael Bryant
Release date: January 10, 1993
Genre: Crime
Running time: 2 h

A bright, pretty and determined young girl named Anna Lee quits the police department in search of adventure, and joins a small and somewhat stuffy detective agency, whose members don't look particularly kindly on her short skirts, somewhat cavalier attitude toward agency rules--like showing up for work on time--and her overall demeanor. However, the agency's owner takes a shine to her and assigns her to what seems to be a relatively straightforward case: finding a young girl who's gone missing and whose family is worried about her. As it turns out, the case involves quite a bit more than just a missing girl.