The Amazing Beckinsale

The gallery was updated with over 170 HQ photos of Kate during yesterday Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s event of the Annual Women Of Influence.

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Public Appereances > 2016 > June 23 | Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s Annual Women Of Influence

Much thanks to my dear friend Frederik, we’ve got good quality screencaptures from Royal Deceit (aka Prince of Jutland).

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Movie Productions > 1994 – Royal Deceit > Screencaptures

Take a look in the gallery for HQ images of Kate during yesterday’s Women In Film 2016 Crystal + Lucy Awards.

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Public Appereances > 2016 > June 15 | Women In Film 2016 Crystal + Lucy Awards

Thanks to the marvellous team at CONAN, they sent me links to Kate’s interview at the show. Take a look!

Two more videos on their site:
Kate Beckinsale: Transvaginal Mesh Helped My American Accent
Kate Beckinsale Texts Her Daughter Naked Pics Of Michael Sheen

Surfing the web I found this. I’m not sure exactly where is it or when but according to Kate’s dress is sometimes May, as it seems to be the same she wore at the UK premiere, so it’s most likely to have happened before the premiere and the video description says so. Enjoy the clip of Kate and Whit Stillman Q&A on Love & Friendship.

Kate Beckinsale stars in ‘Love & Friendship,’ based on Jane Austen’s novella of letters, Lady Susan.

Lady Susan Vernon decides to find a husband for both herself and her daughter and embarks on a controversial relationship with a married man. Seduction, deception, broken hearts and gossip ensue.

Actress Kate Beckinsale on Lady Susan: “She’s sort of comfortable in her own charm and her own abilities and her own power and aims for things that she wants and makes sure that she gets them and there’s something so impressive about that. Despite the fact that she’s a bit ruthless, nobody is really terribly hurt by her. You know, by the end of the movie, it’s just that she’s single-minded about her own stuff and it’s funny.”

Set in the 1790s, the film features lavish costumes of the era – something that Beckinsale was surprised that the crew managed on such a modest budget.

“I knew the budget of this movie was very, very small and I thought, I wonder what the costumes will be like? I thought they’d all be rented and in fact he (director Whit Stillman) had the most wonderful costume designer, Eimer (Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh) who made, I think, all of Chloe and my clothes were made completely from scratch; shoes, everything, the lot.’‘ she said.

So I don’t know what favours she must have called in, but it was such a treat coming in every day and seeing this kind of Christmas present of a costume that you’ve not seen before that’s just been made for you. It’s perfect,” Kate added

Called breathlessly funny, “Love & Friendship” opened in North America late-May and across Europe from mid-June, where it will debut in France at the ‘Champs-Elysees Film Festival’.

The film was directed by American writer Whit Stillman.